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Know Your Rights

You have legal rights if you have been injured. You have the right to seek legal counsel and you have the right to file a personal injury or civil litigation lawsuit against the individual or company that caused your injuries. A lawyer will play a crucial role in asserting and protecting your rights through every single step of your claim or lawsuit, thus granting you better chances at a positive result.

Though you may be entitled to financial compensation for your injuries, actually recovering this compensation is another matter. You will need to prove in civil court or during negotiations that you are entitled to compensation and in what amount. Your civil litigation lawyer will again play an important role in this, presenting a compelling and clear-cut case on your behalf in order to seek the money you need for medical bills, continued medical treatment, lost earnings and other losses or expenses you are dealing with.

Legal Benefits

A competent Los Angeles lawyer can offer different benefits to a person who has been injured as the result of negligence, professional misconduct or intentional wrongdoing. He or she can step in early in the process and help the victim with any insurance claim or claims related to the incident, can assist the victim in getting the medical attention needed to treat his or her injuries, can negotiate with the insurance company to seek maximum compensation, can handle all communication with law enforcement, the other party and any other interested parties, and can take the case to civil court if needed to seek the best possible resolution to the case.

All of the services a lawyer provides can help the victim then have the opportunity to focus on spending time with family and loved ones and on healing rather than worrying about his or her case. This support can not only help ensure that the victim reaches a better case outcome but can also make a difference in the victim's peace of mind during this difficult time.

Our firm handles virtually all types of accident and injury-related claims for clients throughout Los Angeles and Ventura County and the surrounding areas, ranging from minor car accidents all the way to catastrophic injury and wrongful death claims. Our understanding of personal injury law in California and our familiarity with the courthouses, judges and court personnel in the local area help us seek the best possible results on behalf of our clients. Whether you were injured in a motor vehicle accident and would like to make sure you recover enough money for your medical bills and damage to your car or are dealing with a complex medical malpractice claim related to a negligent surgeon, we have the knowledge to determine the proper approach, the resources to fully investigate the matter and the tenacity to aggressively protect your legal rights throughout the full extent of your claim or lawsuit.